PSFreedom is an opensource freeware solution, used to jailbreak Playstation3, with a mobile device.

A lot of devices are currently supported (, included Iphone, Nexus One, Dream…and now, Samsung Galaxy !

wolfgar (, in french) made a great work porting PSFreedom to GAOSP’s kernel, which allow us to use this nice exploit on our devices, from the whole I7500 commnity : thank you !

Along with this patch, come a new recovery, which include PSFreedom’s I7500 kernel, and some major change on the recovery itself, allowing you to use the exploit from the recovery itself. New features are :

– New option in main recovery : Launch PSFreedom (flash PSFreedrom recovery, then reboot in recovery, without user intervention)

– New PSFreedom recovery (included in Recovery 6.5) with PSFreedrom autoloading, option to reboot/reboot recovery, and full automatic jailbreak ! Just plug your device to your PS3, launch PSFreedom watcher, and watch your Samsung Galaxy I7500 jailbreaking your PS3 !

– PSfreedrom recovery, for safety, flash custom Recovery 6.5 before doing something else. Just reboot your device in recovery mode, and you’ll get back your custom recovery (please note that because of the exploit, adb is not available in PSFreedrom recovery mode.

Recovery 6.5

You can install Recovery 6.5 using GalaxyUpdater (available on Android Market with this qrcode, or on YAAM :

More informations on the forum :