Froyo and Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy (I7500) – Ressources

Samsung Galaxy I7500 running Froyo/Gingerbread – ressources page

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  • #1 written by ale tog
    about 9 years ago


  • #2 written by jaiprakash
    about 9 years ago

    If u downlode I m glade

  • #3 written by jagadisan
    about 9 years ago

    how to update from galxy i7500 1.5 andorid software to higher version . please let me know step by step

  • #4 written by Cédric
    about 9 years ago

    J’ai acheté le semaine dernière la mise à jour pour mon téléphone Galaxy i7500. Je ne parviens pas à l’installer.
    Je l’ai directement télécharger de mon téléphone en wifi. Ensuite, je lance galaxyUptadeFull 1.06
    – Quand je lance Root error : Unable to get the root. Please check if your device is rooted and try again.
    – Quand je lance Rebbot recovery: Recovery mode s’affiche avec Please wait while rebooting in recovery mais ne s’arrete jamais (essai pendant plus de 15 heures)
    – Quand je lance Galaxo : Recovery update is available.
    – Quand je lance GAOSP PUBLIC-BETA-3: Recovery update is available. Please update is first

    Pouvez vous m’aider?



  • #5 written by neo
    about 9 years ago

    Drakaz, GAOSP Beta3 is perfect, THANKZ for all android community for your’s work.

    Congratulation, is the best!

  • #6 written by ByMMc
    about 9 years ago

    I tried beta3 (gaosp) but it is very slow, like xp and vista 🙂 i prefer 1.6 but bluetooth doesnt working damn 🙂

    now u r saying ginger… i think i7500 can’t run it, must be heavy 🙂

  • #7 written by smrj001
    about 9 years ago

    from where can i download higher version of os for samsung i7500 ( froyo or gingerbread),.. please reply,.. 🙁

  • #8 written by Rahul
    about 9 years ago

    Drakaz and all .. good persistance till now and eauqally good work. Kudos to you all.

    So is this work (GBon galaxy) still happening?

  • #9 written by byMC
    about 9 years ago

    I’m using Gaosp Pub. Beta 3 for a long time and I’m happy 🙂
    Thank u Drakaz

  • #10 written by Tera
    about 8 years ago

    bhowsdee ke ….maa chudaa gya?

  • #11 written by Rui Braga
    about 8 years ago

    i´ve bought updater from tou for my i7500 instaled nightly and since then have no camera the phone just craches and restarts i tried everything seams like the phone is ruined