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GAOSP Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy I7500 : small updates

Edit : Be carrefull with GalaxyUpdater, new download method is not stable, fix will be available on next tuesday.

Edit2 : Previous downlod manager restored on GalaxyUpdater.

Recovery was updated to 6.6.0. It’s a clean build, with the new kernel, and more compatibility with CyanogenMod. You must update it to use latest nightly.

Changelog :

V6.6 :
- clean build
- use 2.6.35 kernel
- new mount strategy, allow to flash original cyanogenmod gapps

More informations on forum : https://www.drakaz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=7059

GAOSP 3 : Gingerbread NIGHTLY-05192011 is also available for download.

Changelog :

  • Added new static kernel bootlogo
  • Rework panel code (should fix “fixed backlight bug”)
  • Enable GB screen off animation (enable “all animation” in display settings to use it)
  • Fixed Overclocking issues
  • Fixed wifi issue (dhcp)
  • Fixed UMS for external sdcard
  • Fixed in-call sound issue
  • Rewrite of GaospConf? -> GaospConf? 3
  • Fix issue on compcache (modprobe)
  • Added more modules (cifs, nfs…)

Update file is available on GAOSP Google code page : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/

How to install without GalaxyUpdater : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/wiki/NightlyBuilds?ts=1305822973&updated=NightlyBuilds

Recovery and Nightly are also available on GalaxyUpdater : https://market.android.com/details?id=com.drakaz.GalaxyUpdaterFull

GAOSP 3 : Android Gingerbread for Samsung Galaxy I7500 – Public BETA 1

GAOSP 3 : Google Android Gingerbread  for Samsung Galaxy I7500 Public BETA 1 is now available for download.

Another big thanks to Bukington for his HUDGE work porting Gingerbread to Samsung Galaxy I7500 (follow his work on twitter/github)!

Be carrefull, external sdcard content will be deleted, make a backup first !

Devices Status on 2.6.35 (extract from wiki)

Device Status Done
NAND/MTD Completed 100%
MMC/SDIO Completed 100%
Vibrator Completed 100%
Headset Completed 100%
Touchscreen Completed 100%
Screen Completed 100%
3D/FB Issue to fix 95%
Sound Completed 100%
Radio Complete 100%
Wifi Almost Completed 100%
BlueTooth? Complete (like .29) 100%
USB Almost Completed 95%
Sensors Completeed 100%
Camera Not ported 0%

You can download it on google code page : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/wiki/PublicBeta or using GalaxyUpdater (available on Android Market).

Recovery 6.5.2 : ready for Gingerbread on Samsung Galaxy

No new features, only a little fix, allow flashing of future GAOSP 3 – Gingerbread !

Download link on the forum : https://www.drakaz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=7059

GAOSP 3 : Android Gingerbread 2.3 for Samsung Galaxy I7500 – what’s up ?

Two month ago, we had start working on Gingerbread (Android 2.3) on Samsung Galaxy. More a proof of concept than a real working system, we encountered many problems (sleep issue, rild cpu consumption issue…).

The main problem of this version is the kernel. Samsung Galaxy (donut, eclair, froyo) uses the old 2.6.27 kernel. With some wrapper, we fighted some compatibility problem with success. But today, with gingerbread, compatiblity problem are too big, we can’t fight against them so easily…

The only solution is to port a new kernel to our galaxy. Huge job. But Bukington did it (follow his work on twitter/github)! He sucessfully port cyanogenmod 2.6.35 kernel with Samsung Galaxy I7500 drivers.

Devices Status on 2.6.35 (extract from wiki)

Device Status Done
NAND/MTD Completed 100%
MMC/SDIO Almost Completed 90%
Vibrator Completed 100%
Headset Completed 100%
Touchscreen Completed 100%
Screen Almost Completed 80%
3D/FB Issues to fix 70%
Sound Almost Completed 95%
Radio Tests to do 90%
Wifi Almost Completed 90%
BlueTooth ?? ??
GPS Almost Completed 95%
USB Almost Completed 95%
Sensors Tests needed 95%
Camera Not ported 0%

Global performances are close to Froyo, but with a little bit smoother on Launcher and menu (ie : slide).

Screen, phone, sensors, gps, sdcard, tether (usb and wifi), sound, are working (some of them need tweak or small fix), but there’s still some work to do, 3D/mmc is a little bit slower than Froyo, camera drivers need to be ported, there is some tiny issues on screen wakup, ect (check wiki for more informations).

With this new kernel, we will be able to resume our work on Gingerbread.

A first beta will be released soon, will let you try Gingerbread by yourselves. For the brave, source code is already available on github.

GAOSP 3 : Android Gingerbread 2.3 for Samsung Galaxy I7500 (Preview)

GAOSP team is working to port Android 2.3 (Gingerbread – CyanogenMod 7) on Samsung Galaxy I7500. First for fun, but if it’s daily usable…why not.

Currently, GAOSP – Froyo is quite stable but we are very punctilious, and the project is still named “BETA3”. Most of features are working fine and the few one which are not working are not very important for most user (or very difficult to fix, like bluetooth headset). Every hours spent on each port, is used on next Android version, to save time. Froyo was much more stable than eclair, and we hope it will be the same for Gingerbread.

Main patch are applied, but some work is needed to fix some issue, and try to improve performances, if it’s possible. Gingerbread use a little more memory than froyo, and this is a huge problem for our lovely Samsung Galaxy I7500, when switching between applications.

One day, Samsung said Galaxy I7500 will never receive Froyo because of it’s hardware. Today, Samsung Galaxy I7500 eats a piece of Gingerbread.

So, this is a small video preview, showing the current status of GAOSP3 : Gingerbread. Please don’t ask when, or for a build, just be patient. We will give you some news soon.


Speak about this on the forum : https://www.drakaz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=11303


GAOSP (Android 2.2 Froyo for Samsung Galaxy I7500) Public BETA 3 !

GAOSP (CyanogenMod port on Samsung Galaxy I7500) is not perfect, but it’s stable to be used as main system.

Before releasing a RC1, we choose to release  the last BETA, to confirm there is no more unknow  critical issue.

After a lot of works from the whole team (AndroBot, Bukington, Drakaz, Nopy, Obihoernchen),main android and particularly  froyo features are working fine, including apps on external sdcard, native tethering, jit, and most feature from CyanogenMOD ! (https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_vendor_cyanogen/blob/froyo/CHANGELOG.mkdn).


Know issues : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/issues/list

Recent  changes (sorry for the huge list !):

* Fixed issue 452 (reverting 42d63ad24c833cb63658de246d4953df24671a63 on framework_base) (nopy)
* Fixed issue 235 (use another way to mount/umount external sdcard, avoiding crash)
* New way to calibrate compass (fixed issue 449 ?) (AndroBot)
* Temporary fixed Phone freezes in sleep mode (issue 453)
* Christmas wallpaper (Obihoernchen)
* Native usb tethering (issue 106) (bukington)
* Added min and max cpu frequency option to GaospConf (Obihoernchen)
* Fixed CPU frequency table. Added frequencies up to 796.8 MHz. (Obihoernchen)
* Added compass calibration (AndroBot and Obihoernchen)
* Fixed gps importing last openetna patch
* Removed duplicate GoogleSearch widget when WITH_GOOGLE
* Remove useless bootloader entry in shutdown menu
* Fixed Gallery app vanishes when switch to 2D Gallery (issue 422) (Obihoernchen)
* Added swipe gesture to 2D gallery (Cyanogenmod) (Obihoernchen)
* Fixed open 2D gallery via camera doesn’t work (Obihoernchen)
* Fixed slow/no GPS fix (issue 431) (bukington)
* Implement userland cpu voltage modification (bukington)
* Fixed lock button doesn’t work
* add cpufreq interactive governor (bukington)
* update wifi driver & firmware, allowing native wifi tethering (bukington)
* Fixed bootloop (issue 446)
* Fixed 2G/3G switch on notification bar (issue 435)
* Fixed (issue 402)
* Use Qualcomm opensource GPS library (loc_api) (bukington)
* Add Light sensor in OS, use software auto brightness control (bukington)
* Fix compass by using LG opensource sensor lib (bukington)
* Fix Lock button has a role of Power Off button (issue 354)
* Remove ugly rotation hack from Gallery3D (increase rotation speed in gallery)
* Updated 3D drivers
* Duplicate media issue really fixed by disable media scanner on /mnt/sdcard2. (fixed issue 353)
* Fixed missing dropbearkey (fixed issue 351)
* Replaced bootanimation with a smaller one (faster boot) (Obihoernchen)
* Fixed notifications go only through the headphones if headset is connected (issue 362) (AndroBot)
* Fixed speaker seem to be always powered (issue 356) (AndroBot)
* Fixed flash support in Camcorder (nopy)
* Fixed stuck up/hang in camera mode (issue 337) (nopy)
* Fixed CyanogenMod anonymous statistics crashes (issue 391)
* Fixed headset issue (AndroBot)
* Fixed flashlight from power widget in notification bar
* Improved GaospConf by Obihoernchen
* Fixed terminal FC (issue 342)
* Half-fixed “Lock screen button when screen is locked,flickers one time.” (issue 135)
* Remove userdebug variant. Now we use -eng for debug, -user for release (fixed issue 393, issue 343, issue 341).
* Now using open-source libsensor, ported from OpenETNA (bukington)
* Fixed compass (issue 222) (bukington)
* Improved LightSensor (bukington)
* Open source AKMD (AndroBot)
* Fixed Cyanogenmod compcache –> Removed GaospConf compcache (Obihoernchen)
* Added backing swap to Cyanogenmod compcache (Obihoernchen)
* Fixed SMSC issue, saving a null number when quit settings without changing the number
* Fix bluetooth mac address (should fix issue 392) (AndroBot)
* Fix stall when sending command (Androbot – origin patch from dh-harald)
* Fix bluetooth init (Androbot – origin patch from dh-harald)  and increase baudrate to 3000000 (Androbot)
* Fixed wifi ad-hoc (issue 209)
* Revert : Databases and shared_pref moved to nand (/dbdata) for performances  (fix Titanium backup and issue on some apps)
* Added tether wifi (fixed issue : 279 & issue 258)
* Move some system app’s data to /dbdata for performance
* Enable incall slide UI (fixed issue 308)
* Fixed issue with external sdcard (detection and size detection) (issue 322)
* Added build in ipv6 (kernel). Fixed issue 249.
* Fixed wrong IMEI return from some baseband (ex : BELL). Fixed issue 316.
* Hold key lock the screen when in “lockscreen” mode, if “Hold unlock” is disabled in settings (fixed issue 327)
* When “Hold key wake/lock” and “Hold unlock” options are disabled, and when a playlist is played, double click on hold key switch to next track.

I hope you’ll like it !


For bug report, please open a thread on the forum : https://www.drakaz.com/forum/ to check if you are the only one to have this issue, or if it’s a real and important issue. In this case (and only in this case), please open an issue on issue tracker on google code : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/issues/list


GAOSP Public BETA3 is available on

Merry Christmas !

GalaxyUpdater : V1.0

I’m really proud to present you one of my project. I’m working on this since a very long time, for you, users, who have good Android knowledgbut are bored to spend 30min installing each new rom, and you, users, who have not Android knowledge, but want to install new powerfull rom and recovery on your Samsung Galaxy I7500.

This project name is : GalaxyUpdater ! Full Automatic update of Samsung Galaxy’s rom.

This application download the rom (and necessary add-ons..), ask you for wipe/backup, then reboot in recovery, backup/wipe (regarding your previous answer), install, and reboot…completely automatically!

There is two versions of GalaxyUpdater, one free, with only recovery features, and the other, “donate” version, with full features

Features are :

  • Auto detection of current system
  • Auto download and flash recovery
  • Auto download and move at the right place RECTOOLS.tar.gz
  • Auto download and install Galaxo
  • Auto download and install GAOSP (currently, nightly build)
  • Cache support for rom and recovery
  • Check of current recovery compatiblity
  • You can choose if you want to wipe or not (there will be no support for those who choose to don’t wipe..)
  • You can choose to make a backup with nandroid before installing the new rom
  • Reboot in recovery mode feature

Todo list :

  • Live update information with a service

QR Code :

Basic : http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3Acom.drakaz.GalaxyUpdater

Donate : http://qrcode.kaywa.com/img.php?s=5&d=market%3A%2F%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dpname%3Acom.drakaz.GalaxyUpdaterFull

Also available on YAAM market (for those who can’t install paid app with android market) : www.yaam.mobi

Some screenshots :


EasyRoot for Samsung Galaxy

This is a new root system for Samsung Galaxy, easiest to use than all the precedent  root how to.

Note : your device must be detected by your system to use theses script (drivers installed on windows, udev configured on Linux

Features :
– Easy install of the recovery 6.2, with root feature

How to :

  • Reboot your device in fastboot mode : shutdown it, then power on it again by pressing CALL+POWER and wait for fastboot menu
  • Launch 1-LINUX-Recovery.sh if you running linux, or 1-WINDOWS-Recovery.bat if you running windows, the device will reboot.
  • Reboot your device in mini-recovery mode : shutdown it, then power on it again by pressing VOL DOWN + CALL + POWER.
  • When in mini-recovery, run 2-LINUX-Tools.sh if you running linux, or 2-WINDOWS-Tools.bat if you running windows, the device will reboot automatically in recovery.
  • Choose “root this device”
  • Choose “reboot”

Enjoy !

More information here : https://www.drakaz.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=3977