GAOSP 3 : Google Android Gingerbread  for Samsung Galaxy I7500 Public BETA 1 is now available for download.

Another big thanks to Bukington for his HUDGE work porting Gingerbread to Samsung Galaxy I7500 (follow his work on twitter/github)!

Be carrefull, external sdcard content will be deleted, make a backup first !

Devices Status on 2.6.35 (extract from wiki)

Device Status Done
NAND/MTD Completed 100%
MMC/SDIO Completed 100%
Vibrator Completed 100%
Headset Completed 100%
Touchscreen Completed 100%
Screen Completed 100%
3D/FB Issue to fix 95%
Sound Completed 100%
Radio Complete 100%
Wifi Almost Completed 100%
BlueTooth? Complete (like .29) 100%
USB Almost Completed 95%
Sensors Completeed 100%
Camera Not ported 0%

You can download it on google code page : or using GalaxyUpdater (available on Android Market).