GAOSP team is working to port Android 2.3 (Gingerbread – CyanogenMod 7) on Samsung Galaxy I7500. First for fun, but if it’s daily usable…why not.

Currently, GAOSP – Froyo is quite stable but we are very punctilious, and the project is still named “BETA3”. Most of features are working fine and the few one which are not working are not very important for most user (or very difficult to fix, like bluetooth headset). Every hours spent on each port, is used on next Android version, to save time. Froyo was much more stable than eclair, and we hope it will be the same for Gingerbread.

Main patch are applied, but some work is needed to fix some issue, and try to improve performances, if it’s possible. Gingerbread use a little more memory than froyo, and this is a huge problem for our lovely Samsung Galaxy I7500, when switching between applications.

One day, Samsung said Galaxy I7500 will never receive Froyo because of it’s hardware. Today, Samsung Galaxy I7500 eats a piece of Gingerbread.

So, this is a small video preview, showing the current status of GAOSP3 : Gingerbread. Please don’t ask when, or for a build, just be patient. We will give you some news soon.


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