A new nightly build today. Time to time, a small post here is interesting to show you our progress on porting froyo to our galaxy.

What’s new today ?

  • First step on camera : preview and video (nopy)
  • Added DSPManager
  • Fixed voldupdate issue
  • Databases and shared_pref moved to nand (/dbdata) for performances
  • Fixed LatinIME dictionaries
  • Take compcache disk_size from gaosp conf, fix compcache script (Rionline)
  • Added CyanogenMOD script for compcache and add it to init.rc
  • Added Chinese env var for IME and date format
  • Enable automatic brightness setting
  • Change sdcard(s) mount point
  • Fixed external sd mount/umount and secdir
  • Fixed media scanning by mouting external sd also in /sdcard/sd
  • Fixed fbvncserver path & bash cosmetic (Bukington)
  • Added windows media support from CyanogenMOD
  • Disable useless renderscript
  • AWD tunning from CyanogenMOD
  • Rewrite init.rc (thanks to Elthon)
  • Added newfs_msdos symlink (Elthon)
  • Fixed mount issue on windows (Elthon)

+ all Cyanogenmod 6 nightly features !

Download link : http://gaosp.googlecode.com/files/GAOSP-2-08142010-NIGHTLY.zip

How to install nightly build : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/wiki/NightlyBuilds

Full changelog : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/wiki/ChangeLog