Hello world.

I’m sorry for the long time without any post…i’m still alive, i respond on twitter, but no time for the blog…because i’m a working a lot on new GAOSP, with FROYO ! I’m working to port CyanogenMOD 6 / AOSP Froyo on our Galaxy, mixed into a new GAOSP build.

First, a big thanks to Cyanogen and his team. CyanogendMOD project page : www.cyanogenmod.com.

What’s up since the last Public BETA 2 ?

  • Use Samsung’s Galaxy HOLD key such as trackball on Nexus to unlock the device (configurable in CMParts)
  • Add configurable fs checking using sys.checkfs.fat prop
  • Add configurable proximity sensor
  • Add xml-fr-rCA in LatinIME. Canadian user now have a qwerty keyboard
  • New initials settings for performances
  • Fixed reboot / reboot recovery on froyo
  • Install all compiled modules into /system/lib/modules (nopy)
  • Import overlay from cyanogenmod 6
  • Add full external SD card support
  • Compile kernel in build process (nopy)
  • Fixed RIL on froyo
  • Merge stuff with CyanogenMOD 6
  • Use mtd@cache for cache, instead of /data for performances
  • Now using mtd@cache for cache, instead of /data/cache
  • Fix /system/libmodules symlink
  • Fix wifi scanning error
  • Add Galaxo’s apps
  • Fixed video playback
  • Use AWDLauncher as default Launcher
  • Updated build process, now include the kernel (nopy)
  • Use cyanogen’s dalvik
  • Fixed issue with data/telephony (ril related)

And now…the video ! (sorry for the bad quality…)


Public BETA 3 will be available soon. Please don’t ask when..

For more informations : http://code.google.com/p/gaosp/