New version for Galaxo : ! What’s up ? … TetherWifi is back !

Sometimes, we seek for something complicated.. kernel, drivers, device…and the solution is very simple : firmware.

Since Donut, Samsung had removed ad-hoc support, not from kernel, or drivers, or Android itslef, but only from the firmware, named rtecdc.bin. Cupcake version of the firmware work fine for our use, so, why not using it on Donut release ?

That’s done now.

How to install tetherwifi on Galaxo 1.6.X ?

1) Manuel way

  • Take rtecdc.bin from a cupcake release (official or not)
  • Push it on your device, named as /system/etc/rtecdc_adhoc.bin
  • Download and install the last version of tetherwifi, included Galaxy support, and third party firmware support, 2.0.2, here :
  • Enjoy TetherWifi !

2) Recommended : Automatic update to Galaxo from Galaxo (no need to wipe, no need to reinstall, just a patch)

2) Full update

Take a look at :

Enjoy !

Many thanks to Harald, one developper of TetherWifi, for his great job on the last version of TetherWifi with third party firmware support, and for his reactivity.

Please also consider the very great job of TetherWifi team :