Because of new Samsung’s modified drivers are included in 2.6.29 sources. It doesn’t support ad-hoc mode, and essid configuration… when trying to enabling this mode, the kernel crash, and then, the interface seems to be frozen… i see the network, but i’m unable to send/receive data from the interface.

I’ve tried a lot of thing, to offer you tetherwifi, spending a lot of hours, but i failed :

  • Porting BroadCom opensource driver : failed, module doesn’t detect build-in galaxy wifi chipset.
  • Porting old 2.6.27 drivers to 2.6.29 : failed, it’s crash the device..
  • Porting Spica BroadCom 4325 drivers : failed..

We can’t use another devices or opensource driver, because Samsung use direct I/O with the motherboard, to enable, disable, changing mod of the chipset.

Yeah, like the rest, Samsung have also modified the broadcom drivers.

Sorry guys, there will be no tethering in Galaxo 1.6.3.