Yesterday, seandk, a french member of frandroid, explain to me that with an application, called autokiller, he was able to significantly increase his battery time.

After a few look at this application, i discovered that autokiller just reconfigure the memory thresholds, at values which device kill a process. For example, in Galaxo, thresholds for HIDDEN_APP_MEM is set to 5120, which mean, when the devices’s memory is below 5120Mb free ram, the device kill all the process which are not visible.

Memory thresholds are already tunned in Galaxo and GAOSP, but in another way : performances. The objective of this tunning is to keep maximum app in memory. It’s nice, but battery killer.

So we have two choice for galaxo 1.6.3 :

  • Keep the memory thresholds settings unchanged in Galaxo, which mean less battery, but more performance, because the device keep maximum app in memory, avoiding loading the application each time its executed
  • Reconfigure thresholds, increasing the values, which mean more battery, but less performances

What is you choice ? Please use the poll on the right to answer !


After a few test with autokiller, the result is that it only change the system settings in /sys/module/lowmemorykiller/parameters/minfree (kernel settings). Autokiller  can’t change dalvik settings (getprop *MEM) because they are fixed by init.lo

So, be carrefull ! Maximum free memory is around 6Mo…

So, confirmed, the poll is for dalvik settings !